"Taking Partisan Politics out of the Sheriff’s Office"

John Snaza's Endorsements

Thurston County Coroner Gary Warnock

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Dan Kimball – Retired Thurston County Sheriff
Rick Scott – Grays Harbor County Sheriff
Casey Salisbury – Mason County Sheriff
Gary Edwards – Thurston County Commissioner and Retired Thurston County Sheriff
Ed Sorger – Chief (Ret.), Evergreen College Police Department
Todd Stancil – Chief (Ret.), Yelm Police Department, current Yelm City Administrator
Joel Turner – Officer (Ret.), Yelm Police Department
David Claridge - Sergeant, Thurston County Sheriff’s Office
Jeff Norton - Deputy (Ret.), Thurston County Sheriff’s Office
Larry Dickerson, Chief (Ret.) Lacey Police Department
John Sussman, Commander (Ret.) Lacey Police Department & current Director of North Thurston School District Transportation.
Retired chief Aaron Jelcick Olympia police department
John Price, Lieutenant (Ret), Thurston County Sheriff's Office
Jeff DeHan, Chief Deputy, Thurston County Sheriff's Office and Fire Commissioner S.E. Thurston Fire Authority

Law Enforcement

I believe he is the right person to continue as the Thurston County Sheriff. He truly cares about the citizens of Thurston County and is and will do everything to provide safety to our citizens and community. His opponent does not understand nor have the experience or the maturity to lead our Sheriff's office. Unfortunately, some facts are not being provided by the opponent and we as voters need to be provided with all facts about concerns we have. John will provide the facts to any question he is asked. I support John as our sheriff and believe if given the trust, he will continue to make our community safe.   

Ben Elkins

Assistant Director, North Thurston School District Transportation and Fire Commissioner, West Thurston Regional Fire Authority and of course Retired Thurston County Deputy with or without what I did there.   

Jon Tunheim – Thurston County Prosecutor
Gary Edwards – Thurston County Commissioner and Retired Thurston County Sheriff
Gary Warnock – Thurston County Coroner
Ralph Munro – Retired Secretary of State
Bill McGregor – Port Commissioner
Andrew Barkis – State Representative
JT Wilcox – State Representative
John Braun – State Representative
Peter Abbarno – State Representative
Dan Griffey – State Representative
Ed Kunkel – Lacey City Council
Lenny Greenstein – Lacey City Council
Greg Cuoio, Fmr. Lacey City Manager
Thurston county captains association Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 38
Jonathan Sproufske  - Fire Commissioner SE Thurston  

Current and Former Elected Officials:

Larry Jefferson – Director, Washington State Office of Public Defense
Larry and Gene Weaver - Dream Weavers Real Estate
Olympia Master Builders
Brian Reynolds - Northwest Helicopters
Mike Thielen - Glacier Aviation
Mike Auderer - Olympia Construction
Jim Greene - Greene Realty
Jeff & Kathy Powell – Prime Development Group
Thurston County REALTORS® Association

Business and Community Leaders

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